Mason Strehl


Growing up in Alaska taught me one main thing -  weather can’t get in the way of getting out and having a good time. It may be -40F and well past sunset, but somebody needs to break out those snowshoes and make some tracks. It may be pouring rain and gusting wind at 20mph, but there probably won’t be a better time to get that canoe out on the river for a paddle. When the weather is rough its the best time to get out and get lost for a bit - it makes for more exciting adventure, and memories that last a lifetime. I’ve lived for pushing the bar and getting to beautiful places. Through all that, a camera is at my side to capture the beauty and share it.

I am a self-taught photographer, with 7 years of experience developing  my portrait, commercial, landscape, and music photographic portfolios. Over the past 3 years, I have had the opportunity to travel all over the country for both work and play, further developing my skills along the way.  

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