Morning coffee with OXO

If you know me, you know I love coffee. I roast it myself, I drink quite a lot, and love to share on every outing. The Pour Over method is the best way to make coffee, but it takes a little longer than usual. The results are smooth, clean and flavorful. Each cup must be handmade, with several sets of pours needed to get it made. The new Pour Over Coffee Maker from OXO cuts out a lot of time by adding a water tank on top that evenly distributes water over the coffee grounds for a smooth, professional tasting cup of joe. This saves time in the morning that can be used for any number of things. Follow along this blog post and I’ll show you how to make one hell of a cup.

Step 1 - Boil Water. Put 12 ounces of water in a kettle and wait for the water to boil. You’ll want to cool the water 30 seconds to reach about 200 degrees F, or if you have an adjustable temperature kettle, it will boil to the exact temperature you want.


Step 2 - Grind your beans. Fresh ground beans is the way to a flavorful cup of coffee. Grind your beans and and weigh out 20g of grounds for a 12oz cup of coffee.


Step 3 - Filter up. Place a filter in the coffee dripper and prime the filter by adding a little bit of water to wet it. Wait for it to drain, then empty water out of the mug.


Step 4 - Get going. Place the grounds in the dripper and place the water tank on top. Fill the tank to the 12oz line and wait! In a few minutes, you’ll have a damn good cup of coffee. Enjoy.


Whitefish, MT with Honda

I was given the opportunity to travel to Whitefish, MT to try out the 2019 Honda Pilot and explore a little bit of Glacier National Park. It was my first time ever being in that part of Montana so I was stoked to check it out. The trip was quick and beautiful, and the new Pilot was a ton of fun to drive. 


Our first day there we headed out early in the morning towards the park. It had snowed fairly recently, and so the roads were icy. The Pilot handled all of it with ease, and the high clearance allowed us to push through unplowed areas. The first stop on the tour was Lake McDonald, and it was beautiful even with the weather socking in the mountains.  


From there we went to test the capabilities of the traction system. We got to a steep off-road hill with a decent bit of snow and set off up it. The Pilot made it to the top with ease, and back down again with no problem.  


After that we headed back to Whitefish for the night. Seeing the park was awesome, even just for a day. Later that night we hopped on a bus and went to the HGTV Dream Home up in the surrounding hills. The house was beautiful, and had an incredible view of the valley below for sunset. Dinner was phenomenal and it topped off the trip perfectly.  


It was an awesome experience all around with the perfect mix of food (my favorite), mountains (also my favorite) and a really good driving experience, which I don’t get too often due to how much time I spend on the road.

This post was made in collaboration with Honda

Off to Alaska

It’s been over a year since I’ve been home to Fairbanks, Alaska where I grew up. I’m beyond excited to spend time in the arctic, and so far it has been a blast. The temps have been hovering around 15F for the first day i’ve been here, but colder temperatures and snow is in the forecast. It’s been great hanging out and reconnecting with people I grew up with, and a good rest from a busy month between the #CreativesVote campaign and Field Journals.

If you have any questions about what I’m up to this month, have ideas for the Field Journal, or just want to chat, feel free to send me an email at