Lake 22, Camping in North Cascade National Park

PT. I - Lake 22

Well, when you work a full time job you really have to make the most of your weekends. For me, that means clocking out at 5pm Friday, and being on the road by 8pm out of town toward where ever I want to start my weekend at. For this weeks adventure I wanted to make it down to a spot I had been wanting to go for a long time, Lake 22. With my car still being pretty sketchy, the hour and a half drive was kinda a risk. I definitely wasn't about to sit at home all weekend so I set off and got to the trailhead at about 10pm. I planned to meet Megan, and she ended up beating me out there from Gig Harbor. We hung out and caught up for a bit before hitting the sack for a few hours of sleep before sunrise. 

When we got to the lake I kinda freaked out. That's got to be one of the coolest little alpine lakes I’ve been to, and with the little bridge as you enter the clearing it was all perfect. I quickly took off and scrambled up a tree to get an angle fresher than Will Smith in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It’s always tricky going to places that are so heavily shot. 


We kinda had a storm coming in, and as we continued around the lake the rain started to come down. We stopped on the far side to shoot some portraits, which I really have no experience doing. It definitely was getting colder out by the minute but the fire shots we were getting kept us warm for the rest of the hike back down.


PT. II - Camping in the North Cascades


Well I drove directly from Lake 22 to Safeway in Bellingham to meet up with the squad John, Bridget, Dylan, Millie, and the queekster Michael for some camping. We quickly packed the cars up, grabbed some food, and hit the road out to a little hidden spot Dylan knew about. Fast forward an hour and a half and we were ripping down muddy forrest roads up up up to the clearing we'd spend the night in. 


Camp was set up, camp stoves got lit, fires got lit, I drank some whiskey and got litskey, and good times around the campfire ensued. 

Glad I could keep thing going for a second week. More to come, and as always, thanks for following along.